Category: Multi-Media

Multimedia is a combination of audio, video, text, photographs, animations and other interactive content. For business development companies are using this tool to appear better and interactive in front of world. Multimedia helps the visual aspects of products. Using multimedia technology things become very eye-catchy. Before multimedia only media was used that consisted of only few computer displays such as text or traditional form of printing. Some softwares are used to create and edit multimedia while some are used to play multimedia like VLC player. For multimedia there are plenty of good software available that helps use edit and create our content. These all soft wares are available for free in this website.
Adobe Illustrator:
It is a tool used to draw and create illustrations, cartoonist characters, diagrams of any sort, charts for representing something and logos. Use can use it for free and create whatever you want to. You can simply install it into your system and you are good to go.
Adobe Photoshop:
It is mainly designed to manipulate and edit different images. It is also used to create web graphics and interactive. You can install and learn to use its tools because it is a full pack of useful tools. It is available for free in this website.