Category: Desktop-Tools

Where smart devices have taken over the world Desktop’s are still the wise choice of people in the world of tech. This website contains all the free desktop tools that increase the productivity and provide ease to its user. Desktop tools are free of cost in this website. You can easily download and install them.
1) Snipping Tools:
It is the bestest desktop tool for making screenshots of computer screen of some specific area through mouse control.
2) PC App Store:
It is Desktop tool that is used to downloading, installing, managing and uninstalling different applications.
3) Mouse Jiggler:
It is used to fake the mouse input in windows screen, main purpose is to stop computer screensaver and start mouse simulation.
4) Classic Shell:
It contain a different type of start menu that have expandable Control panel. It have an explorer that have different buttons which can be customized as well. You can easily disable breadcrumbs in the address bar.
5) OCam:
It is used to record screen or simply taking Screenshots of the screen.
6) 8GadgetPack:
It is a full pack of widgets and also create a side bar in desktop which can be easily customized.
7) Custom Resolution Utility:
The best part of this tool is that you don’t need any installation for it. It is mainly for the computers that are equipped with ATI or NVIDIA video cards. It can be used to take advantage for better resolution.
8) GoPro Quick:
It is a tool that is mainly use for editing photos and videos.
9) RocketDoc:
When you want to customize the design of your interface you can use this desktop tool to make your windows more like Mac OS.
10) Everything:
It is one of the fastest search tool you can have on your desktop. It works by indexing and files and folders in few seconds and generate the result.