Category: Antivirus

Our PC always need protection against viruses and threats that effect the working of PC. You cannot identify best antivirus by looking at its price or marketing strategy they use. There are different types of antiviruses available some of them are standalone while other work with internet connection. You can get them free of cost as available in our website.
Avast have a best malware blocking functionality. It even checks the new files that are created. It also checks the Wi-Fi networks for secure communication over a network. It have a password feature, software updating facility and reports about if any outdated software is found in a system, Have online security feature too that marks up which website is safe to visit or which website is not safe to visit. Have SiteCorrect feature that is used to catch typos and helps user to reach the website they actually want to.
Avira provides improved malware blocking feature and also protects systems from unaware attacks. The browser safety feature helps to stay away from malicious sites. It have ancillary tools, The Phantom VPV, Avira Scout, and Avira software updater are its best features.
Comodo Antivirus:
It is the bestest antivirus with the most amazing features. The most prominent feature of this antivirus is Auto-Sandboxing, Default deny protection, Cloud behavior analysis, Cloud based Whitelisting, and one click virus scanning. It works on instant bases, it instantly remove malwares and automatically scan everything that is totally based on cloud. Best thing about it is it automatically update as require.