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In smartphone industry android have become the market leader. Best thing about android smartphones are they are very compatible and comes with very rich features. You can get android phone in every range in terms of money. Most companies are making android phones like Samsung, Sony Redmi, Xiamoni, Nubia, Oppo, OnePlus, Nexus, Meizu and others. All best android browsing application are available for free in this website.
Browsing apps for Andriod:
It is a fastest browser with very clean interface. It comes with a full pack of security settings. It completely protects information from advertising ads and allows us to browse in a private mode. It have desktop version too, but Andriod version have some plugins that boost its performance to next level. It have a very good management of opening multiple tabs, and you can dynamically start bookmark page. Best thing is you can sync settings with desktop version. And it is completely free.
Microsoft Edge:
It can sync web pages way too fast, can bookmark pages, and you can get your browsing history synced with desktop version. It have very comfortable reading view, you can easily block ads if you don’t want them, and can get news rating too. You can even search from voice and using images from Bing. You can navigate between light and dark themes of Microsoft edge too. It is available for free.
Brave Privacy Browser:
Main purpose of this browser is it offers secure browsing experience in web. It also have built-in blockers that work instantly. Even if you are adding some extension in your browser it adds HTTP protocol to extensions too for security too. It have a minimal, lightweight design that is user friendly an easy to work with it. It is available for free.
Tor Browser:
It focuses on the private and secure browsing experience and it do it so well. Its Android application was not available in market but now it is. Although sometimes it get a little slow due to secure connection but it works so well. It is mainly for the users who prefer secure communication. It is available for free.